About us

DEAL2Partner has existed since 2011 and now make more than 700+
700+ bedrijven gebruik van ons portaal

The power of DEAL2Partner

DEAL2Partner is an innovative platform and an independent organization that has extensive and demonstrable expertise in the fields of energy, telecom, solar panels, LED lighting, lead generation, VoIP and sustainability. We advise in a transparent, pragmatic and no-nonsense way. 

  • Bundling expertise and joint anticipation of the market.

Improve professional knowledge / expertise and quality

Maintaining a good relationship with customers and peers

Demonstrating a distinctive added value

What can we do for you?

In addition to advising, our strength is also in the implementation of process-oriented advice concepts. In addition, we offer a wide range of services and services. As a reliable partner, we continuously try to create a win-win situation according to the 'agreement is agreement' mentality.

Personally involved

At DEAL2Partner we have real personal attention for you. We think along with you in a proactive way and achieve the best result together.


At DEAL2Partner we always think ahead. On the one hand by leading the way 

in the field of automation and on the other hand by taking into account in our services what something means for the future.


The quality of sales is very important to us at DEAL2Partner. 

That is why we also invest a lot in knowledge. In addition to the required product knowledge, we also offer sales training.

Boost your business

Thanks to your platform, you have more time for the things that really matter. This way you boost the growth of your organization.

More than 700 partners!

DEAL2Partner is one of the largest distributors in the Netherlands.
DEAL2Partner delivers exclusively to partners.

As a partner you will have access to one
persoonlijk account en dashboard. Hiermee kunt u
personal account and dashboard. With this you can compare providers / suppliers and conclude contracts directly. On your dashboard you can follow the status of your requests and the view fees per product group. It is also possible that we unburden your customers in this area. Please contact us for this.
vergoedingen bekijken per productgroep. 

Tevens is het mogelijk dat wij uw klanten ontzorgen op dit gebied. Neem hiervoor contact met ons op. 

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